stealth training...

the dreaded "T" word
training is not really my thing

but... I do like to ride my bike
and well... I do always want to be faster, fitter, and more technical on the bike
but... I do not always like to do what it takes to get those goals achieved
mainly because I am lazy

today there was that small window of opportunity
was not so concerned with the conditions of the trails as I lacked the time to drive anywhere and did not have the time to call anyone to ride with
so a road ride was in order
had thought I would launch out mac arther blvd out to great falls on the maryland side
work the hill from old anglers a few times
work the hill down to the great falls parking lot a few times
but then I altered my trajectory
realized that grant needed and nap
figured he could nap just fine in the fresh spring air

so I gathered up the burley trailer
there were a few toys, a few drinks, and some animal crackers
not for me... for grant

not sure how long into the ride grant fell asleep
there was not much conversations
some complaints about the potholes
but not much chatter... which is for the best
as it is difficult to carry on a conversation between an adult on a bike and a small child within a trailer

not sure how long into the ride before grant fell asleep
but I do know but somewhere around an hour grant chimed in with something
not sure what he said... so I asked what he said
he repeated
it was not what I wanted to hear... it was the I want to go home
I stopped the bike and quickly tried to alter his attention to the animal crackers
then turned the trailer around and headed towards home

my route had taken me down the classicly crowded capital crescent trail
the spring day can really bring the people out
so I turned it around and went head on back into the human traffic

the way back was slightly uphill

got back
grant had asked a few more times about when were were going to get home
then he recognized the section of rock creek and issued instruction
then got aggravated as we missed our turn
but.... that turn was good for car traffic or bikes without trailers
traveling with this cargo has me moving more cautiously and less aggressively
so I passed park and went up the sidewalk of porter

got home in a little more than two hours on the bike
with a few few minutes stops I figure I rode two hours solid pulling the trailer with my younger son

a good ride
a good work out
a good example of stealth training

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