these are not my words

these are not my words
these are the words of His Majesty Squint
a dc folklore legend from the second wave of the dc punk thing
you may know the name
you may know the face
who knows what he is up to now?

apparently His Majesty Squint is in the military
he saw some action over seas
he spent some time as a recruiter
then he went back across the pond for more action after 9-11

tours in afganistan
i am not sure what else
here are some words right from His Majesty Squint's mouth...

Hey boys girls this is His Majesty Squint since I am the only subject in my kingdom of black hearts, I only feel it could be the right thing to do writing a black patriot song, if there are any other black patriots out there, I hope you can sing with me super fast ... 1980 something fast .... can you sing along ... you can add bass, guitars, drums, you can sign your name saying you wrote it, you can rap to it, you can scratch a record to it, you can play jazz, country, salsa, merenge, reggae, dancehall, bluegrass, you can blog it, publish it whatever ... if you don't like it well please dismiss yourself as a myspace friend.

Since I went to war and back,
I almost lost my eye in fact,
seeing like a one eyed jack
these amputees are smokin crack,
purple hearts their stubs are black,
can't see the doc can't get appointments,
can't get the meds can't get the ointments,
rats drinkin saliva out patients mouths,
no arms no hands to push them out,
wounded soldiers shitting on themselves,
Generals say control your bowels clean your shit yourself,
I had special forces determination,
doctors refusing examinations,
christian right bush administration,
now all I do is hate this nation,
Gods not dead he's in suspended animation.
Bad Brains Cromags GBH I loved the bands you love to hate.
I seen more action at punk rock show then playing catch me if you can GI joe,
I look left I look right they don't tell the truth about the country kids who'll get blown to shreds tonight,
fighting fighting fighting fighting
fighting this fighting that but when you lose your sight who's got your back,
I made the choice to defend I swore I would
but to pinnochio from texas I never should,
pretty girls faces maimed
lookin like zombies not gi jane,
they make me sad make me cry,
make me want to fall on the sword and die,
eat the rich while their at the troff,
blood splats the wall when my best friend coughs,
scrub scrub scrub it off,
like a murder scene it aint coming off
this once was the most powerful nation,
Gods not dead he's in suspended animation

this was shared at the approval of His Majesty Squint
whose current location is unknown to me
it may well have been over a decade since I have seen him in or around dc

oh... back in the day he was just Squint
that oil painting was emailed to me this evening
some people never cease to amaze me

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