this program needs to work

chain reaction
this program needs to work

the program has shown that it does work
it touches people
it improves people's lives
but... I think it also needs to be a bike shop
a working bicycle shop
an actual business
they need to increase supply
people need to donate their old bikes
this place should be a used bike mecca
then need some inventory... rational inventory.... locks/tubes/patch kits/pumps/packs and bags/the basics

they should have a budget to send their crew around to thrift stores looking for worth while bikes at the right price
then should have drop offs at the schools in the affluent surrounding areas of dc
there must be garages full of never ridden bicycles from children who have long since grown and left home

they could have a single speed program
convert urban machines with a well selected gear
the limit screws set correctly
the shifters removed and recycled as jewelry

a solid colored painted frame with a chain reaction sticker could be a cool signature
maybe not for all their bikes
but they could have a reputation for having a great custom urban fleet
single speeds, mountain, road, and basic city machine

using old parts for wind chimes and wall hangings

maybe we can get joe whitehair over there to give a single speed conversion course

the new chain reaction location is cool
not sure if it has a much of a neighborhood feel to it
but it could work
it is an urban bicycle field of dreams

the wind chime, key chain, bicycle folk art angle needs to be worked
that is activity and creativity that could be part of the community program
I know they have an earn a bike program

they now have membership
which may be a cool way to lend some support
discount on used parts?

chain reaction


Rocco said...

are you spending much time out there?

gwadzilla said...


I just passed through

its location is not entirely convenient to me

and well...

I do not have a clubhouse pass

my words are just my thoughts and my opinions

not a directive for the managers and coordinators