this weekend... Camp Hilbert?

camp hilbert

ten day forcast

I am thinking about racing this weekend
racing is training
and well
I do not really train
so it would be good to get out on the bike and get humbled

right now my geared bike is sort of in pieces
so the single would be my best option
which would dance well with the shorter race for the Single Speeds

would race CLYDESDALE... but it does not seem as if that class is being offered
it frustrates me that Single Speed can be a legitimate class... while Clydesdale gets overlooked
they fail to see that the a genetic disadvantage is a more legit reason for class distinction than choice of bike...
as it is clearly a bigger barrier to overcome being over 200 pounds versus spinning one gear or switching between many


MRussell said...

Hope to see at the race...

gwadzilla said...

should I expect it to be dry?

still on the fence