too little time...

the blog
ah... how I love to blog
how I want to blog

last night I wanted to blog
last night I wanted to do lots of things

working late got me home late
the family had finished dinner and was scrambling about plotting their next move
the boys seemed tired
grant needed a bath
dean voiced that he did not need a bath
we moved upstairs
grant was going to take a bath
dean and I were going to play uno

dean and grant both took baths
I relaxed in the other room and listened to music and listened to the excessive splashing and the never ending fighting

lisa subbed in to read a book and tell a story
this freed me up to put a few minutes on the bike
so I located a loaner copy of American Hardcore and got on the trainer
rode for an hour fifteen of a 100 minute film
figured I could leave the final thirty and the special features for another night on the trainer

showered and got ready to blog
put on a film I had on the DVR
that HBO Documentary: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
this film took my full attention
could not risk any of my focus on women protesting against bush in brazil or american athletes kicking ass in a mountain bike race in South America
my attention needed to stay here

all sorts of long blog ideas floated through my head
nothing was written down
all was forgotten

got out on the bike this morning
spun the single speed around town for roughly an hour
the trails are still a bit soft
a good time for rogue trail repairs
not a good time for mountain biking
well... I am sure it is kick ass in the watershed
maybe if I get my geared monkey back together I will head out to Gambril State Park this weekend for some fun with rocks

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