walmart... yes... I love walmart

went to walmart tonight...
there are no walmarts in washington dc
there are no walmarts in the dc area
so... when there is a walmart in the area I like to take advantage of it

here I am visiting the inlaws
there is a walmart down the road
so, after dinner when it looked like the kids were under control
I headed down the road to walmart

timed the door to door experience
under 25 minutes to get to walmart
on the way back I saw another walmart
seven minutes closer
there are two walmarts just seven minutes away from the other

Penn and Teller have an episode on Walmart

got a few SD cards
the price has dropped since I last bought an SD card
they had 1GB cards for 25 bucks in the glass case
they had 1GB cards for thirtry bucks on the rack
I could have saved ten bucks if I could have found an employee in the photo department

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