while on the topic of southern culture and movies

wild river
put it on your net flicks
the closing scene alone would make it worth watching

what Wiki told me about the TVA

Leadbelly: In the Pines

and of course
Wiki had this to say about that tune; In the Pines

while I am out reccommending movies
check out Elmer Gantry
Wiki has something to say about that
you can check that out on your own

Wild River and Elmer Gantry were each released in 1960
that is quite a double header


IF Chicks said...

Elmer Gantry was excellent. Burt Lancaster was good in that one (although he overacts a little)..
He played Jim Thorpe in another movie (title ?)..other classic ones The Swimmer, Birdman of Alcatraz and From HEre to Eternity.

gwadzilla said...

Burt Lancaster is fantastic
over acting?
he was playing up to a different time
he was playing an enthusiastic evangilist
they are all hamming it up

check out Wild River
you might cry in the end
it has been a long time since I saw it
so I can not recall if I cried
but then again
I cry when I watch full house
so my tears are no barameter for anything

IF Chicks said...

if it is sappy, i'll probably cry !
My standby is Wuthering Heights (B+W) with Sir Lawerence Olivier as Heathcliff. When he carries a dying Kathy to window to look out on the heather..it's all over esp seeingher husband David Niven realize his wife is in love with another man..

I cried watching patient Denny die in Grey's Anatomy , but can't imagine a scene with Olsen twins would bring me to tears..