baby steps

riddle me this...
why is it that good things take baby steps...
while the bad things take massive leaps?

look around you
this looks like it is always the case

a man could spend hours building a sand castle
while a few children could could use there little feet to destroy those hours of work in seconds

it takes decade upon decade for a seed to grow into a tree
while it only takes a day to chop that old tree down

errosion caused by one great storm is never balanced by how long it would take for nature to create that same hill

a person could spend their life developing into a man
while a person with a gun could end that life in seconds

a species could take millions of years developing
when a generation of men could take that animal to extinction

men could work centuries building a civilation
while one generation of men could tear that civilation down while destroying the earth

if I think of some more I will return to jot them down

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