baby steps...

missed the recycling/hazardous waste day at carter barron
had countless cans of paint that I would have loved to dumped off
but had no time during that window of the day
was fully booked with kids this and kids that

got lucky
my wife lisa hipped me to a computer recycling drop off on the mall today
so I loaded four monitors into the car and then a dog, a wife, and some kids and we headed to the computer drop off at freedom plaza
it was quick and easy
rolled through and things were unloaded as soon as we dropped the car
we were at a super cool park in northeast washington across town with no hesitation and only a few utterances of are we there yet
then a few more when are we gonna be theres

good to get the monitors out of the basement
baby steps
now I need to start with throwing some stuff away and ebaying some stuff

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