back from greenbrier

back from the greenbrier challenge
the mud is still caked on my legs
my car is still loaded with my sweaty gear and the packaging from all the food I consumed on the drive up
a clydesdale has to make weight you know

the two slices of vace pepperoni pizza were not enough
luckily on the exit off of Route 70 West there was a Burger King
a Number One Medium was just what the doctor ordered
a whopper, some salt sticks, and a coca cola
perfect prerace fuel

back from the greenbrier challenge
the boys are in bed tired from my story
I told them a play by play account of my race in an effort to bore them to sleep
actually I told them the story of the race in how mountain bike racing is like mario cart
the silver medal and the three lap course really helped with the parallels
they enjoyed the story

contrasting the image above
I had a great time out on the bike
it was a fantastic day for racing
the weather was stellar
the trails were epic
the parking lot had a number or hand shakes to be shared

would have loved to seen more of the pro race
what I heard on my late arrival was quite exciting
but my morning involved walking with my sons as we went to get donuts at the bakery
a 3:30 start time allowed for my wife lisa to go to a mom's bruch... ladies sans kids
a 3:30 start time also allowed for the late night on the town to be less of an issue
a 3:30 start time had me get home just in time for bedtime with the kids

lee took that photo
lee's blog
lee's photos on flickr

kevin dillard has some shots of me off the bike
when I dropped my chain headed into the singletrack cornering into the first climb of the lap
was able to climb that hill in the middle ring on lap one and lap two
on lap three I called for the granny gear
I dropped my chain
to which kevin dillard snapped some shots and said.... "here are some pictures for your blog!"
I fear the dark side has taken full control of him
he may be lost to the power of NCVC and his allegance to the road

wonder how lyle did...
joe bagganuts...
will be interested in reading some of the pro blogs
jeremiah bishop had an emotional day with a roller coaster ride
while todd wells was able to land on his feet
a great day for racing all around
PVC threw a great event

thanks PVC!
your list of events are a valuable contribution to the east coast mountain bike community and our lives

the greenbrier challenge

I think the boys are asleep...
I best take a shower
this mud has to go

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Joe Bagadonuts said...

Nice Job with the Silver! I like the Mario Kart analogy. I was definitely bouncing around that course for 4 hours just like in the video game, although I was going probably a lot slower than the game moves, especially uphill.

Looks like it was a pretty good start to the season!