bicycle ride tv

bicycle ride tv

on this page I read this quote...
everytime I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer fear for the human race. -h.g. wells

bicycles are not toys

the majority of people in the united states do not view the bicycle as an adult activity or an adult way to travel
there are a few problems with this
one of the main problems...
even if the bicycle were for immature people
would they not have a right to life
and... what is wrong with being immature

people grow up too fast

people could do well to let themselves drift back to putting games and play in their life
how we play games has a great deal to do with how we live life...

four square?
play it
let yourself go

why to adults swim laps when they should be playing marco polo?
laughing would do them better than a couple of laps
only swimmers benefit from swimming

kick the can?
there is a great realease in the pleasure of chasing and being chase
kick the can is the greatest tag game ever created
it involves hide and seek as well as tag
there is the chance for team play
get together with your friends and try it
if it fails... I will refund your money

do not be afraid of board games...
stay away from trivial pursuit
stay away from anything cerebral
pull out the backgammon board... leave chess to the people in the park
you do not need more stress in your life

play games
live life
let loose

bowling is only fun to non-bowlers
go bowling...
play to win... but don't practice
being good at bowling would take the fun out of it
being good at bowling would be a waste of time

these things are easy for me
I am a father
I have two young boys
games are part of my life
but... games were part of my life before I had kids
even if I did not have kids I would still play games
maybe I would have more time for games

go fly a kite!
you will thank me

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