chris going to a roll class

did not have the time or energy for a ride after work
worked late
which had my ride and recreation before work
a little more than thirty minutes with the dog in rock creek park
then just under an hour out on the bike
all before work after dropping the boys off at school

so after working the late shift at work I raced the setting sun straight from home
wore the camera around my neck
pedaling was not a priority
rolled slow and curious
the light was fading fast
bicycles were all around

a squeaking clean ncvc clad roadie temped me with the camera
but did not take the shot
a variety of commuters
some commuters being bigger than other commuters
but none really caught my desire to snap a shot

up 18th I scanned the sidewalk
recognizing various bikes in front of some bars
expecting to see other bikes in front of other bars
looked for smash on the second floor... did not find it

onto columbia I looked towards city bikes but continued rolling past
just past the safeway on the sidewalk I caught this scene

chris getting his boat onto the trailer for a roll class in takoma park

that is a few zip codes

towing that trailer then trying to roll an open boat
I am not sure I could do either

a roll class has been on my winter list for years
but in an open boat?

loved that smirnoff ad on I Love Big Dumps
that smirnoff ad speaks to me
as I grew up on the mean streets of bethesda

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