a cyclist breaking the law may contribute to the accident...

a cyclist breaking the law may contribute to an accident
a speeding car contributes (if not causes) to the fatality

had the car in the accident from the previous post been going the speed limit then perhaps the accident would have been an injury rather than a fatality

the law needs to start taking that measure into account when viewing these things

better yet...
drivers need to take such things into account when driving
or at least when driving and approaching a cyclist on the road

it boggles my mind that cars pass me so fast and so close
always exceeding the speed limit

the law that a car must pass a cyclist a minimum of three feet is a given
but... there should be a wake up call telling car drivers that they need to be going a speed bellow the speed limit when passing a cyclist
which means...
if a car is in a 25MPH Zone it is not enough for them to slow from 45 to 35MPH
these cars should slow to a speed bellow the marked speed limit
otherwise it is reckless driving

these are the types of things that need to be contained in a public service annoucement

changes need to start before people start their engines
the changes need to occur in their minds long before they approach the cyclist

that story of the fatality on River Road in Potomac Maryland

the words... I am sorry do nothing after the damage is done
being sorry is an emotion that is too late
there needs to be an avoidance of the worst case scenario

while I am updating some previous posts
Bello got his bike back
returned by a homeless man who found it where it was abandoned


gewilli said...

that's why we gotta be defensive...

vehicles see cyclists breaking the law all the time... laws they tend to follow...

yes, the speed limit is a law for a car, but other laws like stop signs and stop lights they obey quite strictly. Why? Because if they didn't they'd get in lots more accidents...

Speed is a problem for cyclists...

the speed of cars specifically...


blowing through a line of cars waiting at a red light - and then rolling through the red light (as a cyclists) is pretty much saying F U cars... i don't give a crap about your laws...

but then you turn around and expect the cars to afford you some respect?

Doesn't work that way in my book.

I'm out there as much as the next commuter. or more in some cases...

with a trailer...


respect starts from the individual...

you show respect - if the whole bike culture started respecting stop lights and stop signs, one ways and all that then i think we'd have a revolution of sorts and we'd find it far easier to combat the vehicle/car interface...

gwadzilla said...

a comment sent to me via email from THE BOY:


I can't figure out how to comment anymore. Here's what I was going to

I agree that cyclists should follow the law. I think cyclists should
follow the laws to make our actions predictable and make it harder for
the jerks to kill us.

But his "respect" mantra that I hear constantly makes me bilious. It's
the approach of an underclass trying to appease those who are
screwing them. It's as absurd as saying the disabled should respect
those who don't think there should be ramps in public buildings, or the
kidnapped should respect their captors, or the abused person should
respect their abusers.

The system is killing us - literally. Saying we need to respect the
system is nuts.

Moreover, the idea that cars and bikes should have equal rights is
quaint and soothing but stupid. The differences between cars and
cyclists makes treating them the same absurd. Bikes need more
protection not the same protection or - as things are currently - less

Among other things, the laws, signals, parking lots, detours, budgets,
construction projects, and road design are all designed for cars. In
Denver, the city doesn't even bother making traffic lights notice

Also, gwad is right about the craziness of equating cyclists who break
the law and drivers who break the law. I have yet to hear of a
cyclist/car collision that harmed the driver. Cyclists are more

gwadzilla said...

my feeling...
I treat lights and stop signs as yeild signs
I obey the law in between these intersections

where I ride I find that when I am within the limits of the law I get treated with no respect...

there are intersections where I stop for traffic as it is not safe to just flow through
at these intersections I am viewed as being invisible
never am I given my fair turn to go when on my bike
cars roll through...
cars fail to offer me my rights
with no respect given when within the limts of the law
it is just as well that I take what I can

I view a cyclist running a stop sign in the same way I view a car speeding
there is a bending of the law
there is a breaking of the law
a slight modification is different than ignoring

I never as that cars go the speed limit
the law is not my issue
safety is my concern

the actions of the cyclist is an evolution developed after the chaos created by the car

the cyclist is not safe when obeying the law or breaking the law
I know someone who was run down and killed while on his bike waiting for the light to change

gwadzilla said...

I want a cup of Gewilli's coffee!

Anonymous said...

i agree with every view mentioned here....but ultimately we as cyclist have got to be 120% sure of our surroundings, we need to know what roads are safe ,and what roads are not, i`ve been plowed down by a lady doin 50 mph in a 82 caddy, i had an old lady turn in front of me ,causing me to break my neck,,in all these instances i was in the right, but even so after years of incident free riding,(plenty of near incidents)i`ve realized their were plenty of counter measures and different things i could be doin to in ensure my SAFETY,anywayz i`m glad we as cyclist have a VOICE like yours up in our nations Capitol spreading the good word!!!!!!!!