dads talking about the balance of life and cycling...

ran into chris on my post work ride last night
I was doing some hills in rock creek park
saw chris
so I deviated from my agenda

rolled up along side chris and we started chatting

we talked about life, kids, riding, and racing

chris is an avid mountain biker
chris' wife libby is an avid mountain biker
chris and libby have four children... one child less than a year old
which makes it tough to balance mountain biking with life

race day being a tough day for all...
conflicts of who gets to race and who gets to watch the kids
then the kids have their soccer games and birthday parties
the weekends are just not long enough
sometimes the weekends seem too long

just got off the phone with my brother and then my wife
as i am trying to do some shuffling of the weekend schedule
trying to balance some mountain biking with the my older son's
soccer game

we only have two boys and a dog
I can not imagine the demands of four children
four children is the new eight

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