dcmtb\city bikes represents at the granny gear event in cali

I get there is some fun around the campground tonight!

24 hour racing...
definitely more than a 24 hour experience

dcmtb/city bikes represented and finished 5th overall at the 24Hours of Vail Lake


their times were fast
there were other teams with fast and consistent laps
but... the numbers of teams involved in the event were low
crucially low
from a business persective dangerously low
unless the race fees are butter
I am not a race promoter
nor am I a business man
what do I know?

but the low numbers must not so much of a factor
perhaps the more popular venues balance things out
maybe it has to do with the sponsorship

it is all very interesting
I am rooting for laird...
I am rooting for granny gear....
I am rooting for 24hour racing
but it does not seem like any of these races rae currently big business

grass roots s12 hour races are growing in popularity
but nothing is hitting the level that laird once had and lost with races selling out months in advance
the spectacle surrounding the spectacle

as for me....
Big Bear was a season highlight last year
Big Bear is on the schedule for htis year
Moab, Donner Pass, Canaa, Snowshoe are all race highlights
all of these weekends are highlights of my life



Where do you want it sent?

gwadzilla said...

thanks for checking in...

I would love to have a 21-22 inch IF 29er Mountain Bike Frame with a deraileur hanger sent to my home in Northwest Washington DC

when I win the raffle...

hit me with an email
and I will send my snailmail address your way


appreciate it

Don Tommaso said...

Hey, Biking in moab! cool. Does some of you guys have some insider hints about it?
My significant other and me plan a 3 week trip to the U.S., including our bikes... and we plan to pass moab.
would be nice to discuss this one with some locals...
c.f. thomas' page and Linda's page