easter ride

last sunday I gathered with my family along with my brother's family for a secular easter celebration at my father's house

these holidays can have a holiday spin that surrounds family and fun with some candy filled tradition

just as there can be christmas without christ
there can be easter withour mention of the resurrection

we gathered at my father's for an easter egg hunt and a meat filled meal

during lunch in between second helpings of sausage and kraut I noticed the bike onto my brother's Subaru
I asked if he was riding that afternoon or if he had ridden that morning
as it turns out one of my brother's old college buddies was going to swing by and grab my brother for an afternoon at wakefield
I asked if I could invite myself along
the logistics were not free and easy
but I was allowed to tag along just the same

mark arrived picking up me and my brother marc
we stopped by to grab mark's friend mike
I was dropped off a little out of the way at my house
where I grabbed gear and car to drive to wakefield alone
with superhero speed I stepped out of civilian gear and into riding lycra
drove out to wakefield park and started doing the race loop backwards seeking out these three riders
not far into my ride I spotted them through the trees
spun my single and jumped onto their pace
only missing 5 or ten minutes riding with them

normally I ride the race course loop
normally I will loop the race course loop several times
and then dip a bit onto the creek trail and then maybe over to the stretch of trail that EX2 Adventures uses in their Cranky Monkey Series... the name of that section of trail slips me

we rode at a healthy but not hectic pace
I was spinning the Karate Monkey Single while my brother lead the group on his Specialized double banger
after a few loops on the Race Course Loop Mike offered to lead
Mike took us down the Creek Trail over to the Accotink Loop
it had been years and years since I had ventured in this direction on the Wakefield trails

it was refreshing to get two hours of riding without an excess of trail repeat
although a few repeats on PHASE THREE would have been good for increasing some technical confidence

okay... not the most fun ride report
no real adjectives and adverbs about how a

map stolen from the PeterBeer page
I know he has a more recent blog/photo page
but this is what google gave me when I looked for a map of Wakefield Park

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