getting stoked for the greenbrier challenge

just got back from my older son dean's soccer game
grant came along which took me out of the assistant coach seat
which is fine
as I am not always looking to get involved in the parental conflicts

ironically the PC parents are the ones that cause the greatest conflicts
damn those PC COPS!
teaching out children to count then telling them not keep score

a parent on the other team I know from around town got me some coffee
which had me energized for keeping up with grant
most of my attention was directed towards building sand castles in the dirt
which trying to issue compliments and commands to dean on the soccer field

tomorrow is my first race of the season
I love to ride
I love to race
I hate stress
I hate pre-race anxiety
trying to mellow things out
trying to keep my head right
trying to just get organized enough to show up and ride my race
faster racers will finish ahead of me
slower racers will finish behind me
not much else I can do

just like the PC COPS say at the kid's soccer game... it is not about winning
but... without winning as the goal the effort would be watered down

this is a great course at the Greenbrier Challenge
it will be a beaten course by the time the Clydesdales take their laps
the Pros will have created the fast track
and hopefully not left too much mud

time to give the guys some lunch and plot the rest of my day

hopefully there willl be a gap in the day to pack my gear
as tonight lisa and I are going out on the town
which reminds me... I need to head up the street to grab my dry cleaning

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