gold sprints...

dc's dublin alley cat stage race

the action has been unfolding
although I have not been there to witness it first hand
I have been able to piece it all together with glances at the results on the internet and conversations on the street

it has been exciting to watch the change of command and the shifting of the order
local favorites are performing as expected
and well... there seem to be some underdogs flexing their muscle as they fight for top dog

saw chris soda coming back from a morning road ride in rock creek yesterday morning
I wonder how he will fair on the Gold Sprints tonight?

the personalities and the identities of the cyclists have this event playing out like pro-wrestling match

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gwadzilla said...

wonder how the GOLD SPRINTS went?

bet it was a good time

Max and Cargo Mike raced at Greenbrier

there was talk of heading to the Gold Sprints

but I hung for awards and then rushed home to put the kids in bed