hains point gran prix?

racing union has a message posted about a hains point gran prix event

no Cat 5 and no Juniors...

how about Clydesdales?


BikerB said...

Good to view your blog. I am looking for a few biker boys to ride with. If interested , leave a comment on my blog www.bikerkiss.com/blogs/blogs

Mike said...

joel - it was good to meet you and ride yesterday. what was the site you mentioned for old school east coast skating. thanks.

gwadzilla said...

it was a great ride at wakefield
we will have to meet up at cabin john one night after work

here are a few links


and this is the main one


check it out

gwadzilla said...

and funny enough...

I think if I showed up at BIKERKISS' I would feel a little out of place

as it appears that BIKERKISS is a motorcycle page