here's rice in your eye...

last night we had carry out chinese...

back from our vacation and came home to an house with an empty fridge
we lacked the energy and motivation for shopping and cooking so we ordered some chinese from City Lights

everyone was starving

three year old grant was generously sharing his food with brutus
perhaps a little too generously

in the process of feeding brutus white rice a piece of rice managed to fall into brutus' eye
somehow it got in their deep
it was near surgery getting that thing out
tried massaging it
tried flushing it
tried tilting his head and holding the lid down at various angles
it was stuck
eventually had to gently dig that piece of rice out

right now the boys are having breakfast

brutus is glad to have us back
while, I bet he was pleased to have a week vacation from the boys

right now he is wearing some random mountain bike medal from a clydesdale event
he does not seem to mind
even if he is far from being a clydesdale
even if he is not capable of riding a bike

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