i hate fox news...

i hate fox news

i hate even calling fox news news

normally I do not have to watch fox news
sure I stall for a second while surfing the channels
but things are different when visiting the inlaws
while visiting the inlaws I see more fox news than I care to see
as fox news is where my father inlaw gets his news and information
or should I say where he gets his false news and mis-information?

fox news is as close to a news source as the onion
their so called "reporting" is so opinionated that it is unfair to the viewer to call it news
sure... in the case of commentors there will be spins and opinions
but.... fox manages to put an unreal spin on everything that they report

watching the news in not an interest of mine
life is stressful enough for me to concern myself with things that are out of my control
sure I watch Real Time with Bill Maher and some occassional John Stewart
but other than that I usually just scan the headlines
my scanning the headlines is enough for me to see that fox is way off base with their so called reporting

tonight as I played backgammon with my nephews I heard bill o'reilly
everyone knows that bill o'reilly is an asshole
well... there was a tragedy where a person was killed by a drunk driver
in this case the drunk driver was an illegal alien
bill o'reilly went head to head on this issue with geraldo
and they went off

it was a trip
simple and plain
bill o'reilly was blurring the issues
bill o'reilly loves to blur the issues

no need to go into it
it was a classic case of fox trying to put their spin on the news
it was a shocker to see geraldo put him to shame
things go so heated I was shocked the geraldo did not put bill in a headlock
it got ugly
I wonder

these people....
bill o' reilly, ann coulter, satan....
any of them...
I wonder if they even believe the shit they spout
or if they just over empahize their perspective because it is their job and that is the angle that they are paid to promote
in this case with bill 0'reilly... he walked away losing the arguement by trying to hold his ground
something that fox lacks

drunk driving is an issue
illegal aliens are an issue
a drunk driving illegal alien is not really an illegal alien issue
it may be an issue of how the law treats drunk drivers
but this has little to do with how the US should respond to illegal aliens
it is a tragedy
death in this sort of situation is a tragedy no matter who is behind the wheel
being tough of immigration is not the issue
the issues is a matter of being tough on drunk drivers


Chris, Liz & Jamie said...

Pesky Canadians!


SueJ said...

I'm with you. Sometimes I make myself watch it for a full minute because It Is Out There. I had trouble believing it the first time. I work with enough people who *do* think that crap is news... but sometimes have an influence on them :)

Graham said...

I saw that too...and you are so right! Lots of stupid people are being persuaded by obfuscation of the issues.

Personally, I think the O'reilly/Geraldo feud was all an act.

Steeker said...

I hate Fox news I never watch that garbage ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you ready for the hot weather and how are ya :-)