just rolling around the web....

trying to catch up with things...

catching up with
kerry and crew
then went to check out the chunky monkey
as they are set to be a trio for the baker's dozen

marc and diane had me thinking about climbing...
I am not a climber
but as there is a big child inside of me I am always doing some climbing
which had me thinking
maybe I should accelerate my notion go build a climbing wall for my kids
my thought of stealth training
trying to get a work out while ahnging with my kids
climbing could be that

some other ways to stealth train as a dad...
burley trailer or trail-a-bike
then there is the method that my brother uses
the work on handling and technical while the kids ride their bikes
he worked on cross dismounts/remounts with his kids
he did this so much that his seven year old got pretty good clearing the barriers as well
which is amazing.... as kids bikes weigh as much as kids
and well... their knewss are 18 inches high

sorry... distracted by JACKASS on MTV
do not usually watch this shit
but some of it cracks me up
okay... changed the channel
as I am not into crash videos
the idea of the new show SCARRED does not appeal to me
then again... nothing on MTV appeals to me
which makes sense
as MTV is not catering to the 40 year old market

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