the mountain biking parent

stumbling around the Internet...

not sure of the tangent that got me to andy's Singltrack Freedom
but that tangent got me in another direction
which took me to tinker's garage
which took me to tinker's blog
which told me that tinker has recently become a father...
which took me on the mental tangent of men in cycling who are recent parents
and not just the gary fishers, the jonathan paiges, or the marla strebs
but the regular riders
the commuters
the weekend warriors
local level racers
and those that love to ride just to ride who have recently become parents
just regular people riding a little harder and maybe a little better than the regular rider

lost momentum
was starting in on some thing about other mountain bikers who have kids
people around the area
people I see at races
people who I see as I stumble around the Internet

there was going to be a mention of chris and the approach of the arrival of his second
come on chris?
a new born during cross season?
bad timing
kidding of course
then mention of some people I see at the local races
like Larry Camp... yes, the same Larry Camp that appeared in this month's dirt rag leaping that log
but... the computer was behaving slow
firefox locked up
was able to retrieve the first half of the document
but do not have the energy to rewrite what did not survive

there is some good stuff
there are some thoughts
tangents I will certainly revisit again
distracted by things
lost momentum

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