listening to music rather than watching television

it is turn off your television week
or something to that effect

listening to music is a pleasure
the music is coming from the television
got that cable retro active channel on comcast going

a great mix
the english beat, to the ramones, then the jam, now iggy pop

back from trying to put the boys back to bed
I have cacti prickles in my hand
grant knocked over dean's cactus
I tried to clean it up
will need gloves and more dirt
and a vacuum

got back downstairs and souxie and the banshees were playing
not my thing
but enjoyed hearing then and now
the damned, the clash, and the dc hardcore stuff was on my turntables and my cassette players

bruce foxton
perhaps the only man in history to look cool with a mullet

the boys are now downstairs surrounding me
I am letting them pick out a toy
I may have to put on my angry voice

letting them pick out a toy worked
they picked out a toy box
but at least they are headed to bed
or at least they are headed to the bedroom

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