national turn off your television week

this week is national turn off your television week...

I already dropped the ball on this one

let me start by saying this....

"My name is GWADZILLA...
and I am a televisionhead"

okay... I said it
I am sorry

National Turn Off Your Television Week

everything in moderation

quality television is not so bad

yesterday after after the boys had dinner I sat down for some Discovery Planet Earth
they boys usually love this stuff...
on this day the boys were not captivated
so I put on some PBS Curious George so I could go downstairs and chew my food
the boys had already been outside hiking with the dogs
it was time to start settling down
I wanted to slow down and chew my food
maybe even taste it before I swallowed it

am I bad?
is this so wrong?

Discovery Planet Earth is awesome!


iconoclasst said...

Why have an interest in something that is only "not so bad"?

I mean, would you willingly accept anything else that's a time-sink that only merits a "not so bad" rating?

Sorry, Gwadzi, one of those days. You racing Greenbrier this weekend?

gwadzilla said...


I am about to register to line up with the Clydesdales at Greenbrier
I am not exactly "race ready"
but... I am never really "race ready"
demons surround me always
sorry... I am a creature of habit
I need to break the television habit
maybe if I read more... I would know what the heck you are saying!


Roald said...

Killing my 42" HDTV would be a sin, but the need to cut down on TV is great and must be done I admit. You are right about the "Planet Earth" series it is unreal.

gwadzilla said...

most television is crap!

sometimes I want to sit down on the couch and veg out to some crap

42" man!
that sounds sweet!

Avatar would be awesome on that screen!

IF Chicks said...

My sister and her family just got a 58" plasma flatscreen HDTV with surround sound ~ 2months ago. THey have Dish Network with HDTV channels.

they even have an HDTV "kung fu " channel..
i was blown away.
(i'm currently running a 13" TV with rabbit ears that gets me CBS, ABC and NBC).