parenting and mountain biking

yesterday I met Libbey downtown so that I could snap a few shots of this mountain biking mother of four

I spoke with Libbey and her husband Chris about the balance of Work, Family, and Sports for an article I threw together for SPOKES Magazine's May Issue

the article was long...
three times longer than it should be
all sorts of ideas and recommendations where thrown to the edit room floor
there was just too much to be said on this topic

after some struggle I did manage to get a few ideas down
got the article to Neil, the editor of Spokes a few days late

the process of writing this article about the balance of parenting and mountain biking was an eye opener
it really put my relationship with my wife under the microscope
the amount of work my wife does for the family is astounding
I am part of that family... she works to help me be the best me I can be

after writing this article I am most definitely trying to be more helpful and try to be better about balancing the scales and sharing the duties

check out this month's SPOKES Magazine
a great article about Mayor Adrian Fenty by Neil
a fun article by me called, THE TAO OF THE SINGLESPEED

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