passive versus active activity

for starters...
the world is filled with a few active people while the rest are spectators

it is interesting
ask a person to list their interests...
some will say music
some will say sports
others will say art
when in reality... people are interested in other people's art, sports, or music

this is pretty standard
there are just not enough lights for everyone to be in the spot lights

if everyone were a leader
there would be no one to follow

too tired to really get into this
had a great set of ideas in my head earlier today
those ideas are all gone now

maybe I will play with some images
that takes a bit less energy

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

golf and fishing are not sports
and people find it interestint to watch others do these things

I guess I can see the interest

I can not peel the outside off an apple in one long piece

if that were on television I would love to see it