sea otter...

the sea otter classic...
seems like this race has become the mudflapper classic!

sea otter results

east coast local Jeremiah Bishiop finished 8th
which I see as being respectable

and I see that Jeremiah's wife Erin is racing and blogging

I see that there is a Clydesdale Class at the Sea Otter...
not sure if I can ever make it
but it pains me to see this great race happening without me ever getting to experience it

Lorena from DCMTB/Citybikes had some fun racing with the fast ladies
she did not have as strong of a finish as she had hoped
but she had a blast just the same


Lyle said...

You gotta make it to the Otter!
My wife says it's heaven for cyclists and I can't really argue.

gwadzilla said...

the whole family went with Lyle to the Sea Otter!

that is great support!