seven point four three seconds

home from work

just poured a glass of wine
was trying to watch some jerry sienfeld thing
jerry was doing a bit about awards sucking
jerry was right
I was sick of seeing these suck ups suck up to jerry
beavis and butthead would of loved it
it sucked

listening to some crappy 80s music on retro active on comcast music
have not gone any deeper into the channels
maybe I should dig around

the boys have finally stopped playing chuttes and ladders with me
no one was playing the board game
it just felt like it with all of the trips up and down the stairs
dam! footsteps
it is late

I just want to drink some wine and blow some steam

but first grant needs a smoothie
back from getting grant a smoothie

stealth training
stair work outs
lots of times I walk the climbs
this is good exercise
no need to carry the bike
as I am carrying the weight of the day

that wine tastes good

been trying to catch up on some blogs
things are interconnected

been trying to discover some blogs unknown to me

trying to read more blogs
as I often forget that I enjoy reading blogs as much as I enjoy writing blogs
which is what makes this blogging and not writing

the ramblings can be like a conversation

going to google bike love to catch up on those mp3s
already been watching the youtube clips at I Love Big Dumps
already caught up to fill in the blank on mike after our ride at wakefield on sunday
mike lead me down a fluid loop up and back on the accotink trail that I would never been able to link without his guidance
although I had been on this trail what may be decades ago

the tangents will carry me
I most certainly will pass through wikipedia a few times before this glass of wine is finished

maybe I will travel the blogs and play with some images
alaska is always a good place to start
tim at bicycles and icicles is always good to catch up with
I will wander through a blog and see messages from up in alaska jill
jill is all over the blogsphere
her experiences are as dynamic as her writing
and yes... it was funny to see her link to me

can you believe seven point four three seconds?

stole that image of alaska from michelle

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SueJ said...

Wine is good.
Blogs are good.
Snow... hmmm...