took a short ride after work

the sky looked like rain

sunday is greenbrier
more getting ready for sunday than training for sunday
too late to focus on training for an event less than a week away

it is like studying for a test
cramming just may backfire
go with what you know
and work on that
a good time to sharpen the pencils
and make sure you have an eraser

the trip to revolution yesterday was key
the removal of the squeaks is nice
the proper adustment of the front shock was vital
my head is in a much better place after yesterday's ride home on the tuned up geared karate monkey
the marzocchi fork is not all that tough
I just need a little help with the glossy when reading through the pdf manual

good to get my head right before the race
good to know that I have my pencils sharpened and my eraser days in advanced
even if my eraser is a little worn

today I left out of work on the Jamis Exile
the not yet customized Jamis Exile
tired the thudbuster with saddle from the Rocky Mountain Blizzard
yes... my old rocky mountain with 26 inch wheels
the post slide on the blizzard
sure enough
the post slide on the new jamis
years of sliding has made sliding part of that post's nature

with a slowly sneaking seatpost I did not feel like racing the train
so I took a mellow spin home
not straight
not far

thought about doing the hill approaching my house a few times
thought about swamping for the geared bike with the right seat height then going up and down the hill
got in the backyard
was greeted by the dog, the kids, the neighbor's kid, and my wife
so I sat down
I rode half that hill half a dozen times yesterday
tonight I sat down and my boys showed me some some art projects that came home with them from school today

we had dinner
the boys are bathing over my shoulder
I am blogging
birds are chirping out my window

now the boys are splashing...

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