the weekend past is a nothing more than a blurr

the weekend is over
it all went by too fast
certain bullet points were hit
other bullet points were missed

there are things that I remind myself... that if I do not do them they will not be done
that includes working on my bikes, riding my bikes, and home projects
had the green light to ride today
but stuck close to home
two race weekends approaching
no need to start stressing things now

friday night involve finishing the assembly of the geared monkey
the wheels got straighened
the disc got placed on the new wheel
things got some attention in the stand
the jamis exile did not get its makeover
there was no rush for the Exile
while the Geared Monkey needs some saddle time
as that is the bike I plan to ride at Greenbrier next weekend
no real rides this weekend happened..

did manage to stroll the woods of fort dupont/fort circle with a trips for kids event

but no real riding saturday morning
just helped lead a short ride in the woods with the kids of trips for kids
rushed back from the trips for kids event to get with my own kids
grant was fiesty so I took dean to his soccer game without his younger brother
had initially wished to ride to the trips for kids event then drive to the soccer game
then thought maybe I could drive to trips for kids event than ride to the soccer game
scheduling combined with being the snack parent kept me in the car for both events
so I managed to ride dean on the trail-a-bike after the soccer game
realized I did not get a shim when I bought the trail-a-bike
this missing parts has me ghetto-izing a new toy
after swaping the link from the cross bike to the geared monkey
we rolled down beach drive
it was not a work out
it was an afternoon with my son
on beach drive we spotted grant already in the woods hiking with mom and the dog
amazing to see three year old grant-man scrambling in the woods
we shouted out to our family across the creek
then we kept pedaling

with the missing shim we kept it slow
there was some play at the joint where things linked to the seat post
we had fun just the same
after an hour of looping in rock creek park
we looped back to the rock creek golf course
we had capri suns and watched the people at the rock creek golf course
the carts
the flubbed shots off the tee
the guys gambling at the putting green
people zipping around on golf carts

we got home to grilling out back and kids on the slide
missed the scheduled roller skating birthday party
just as lisa had missed yoga
some things slip thorugh the cracks

sunday was similar to saturday
a day about family
there was again some more time on the bike with the kids
but no pulling the the trailer or the trail-a-bike
nothing that would qualify as race preparation or training
just fun with the kids
I lead my boys and a friend of their around some alleys in the neighborhood and then some time in a school parking lot
all that after a day of kick the can and kid style soccer
spring has sprung
the kids were in the alley acting like it was summer
trying to stay up late
eating as many popsicles as they could get
trying to avoid dinner time
trying to avoid bedtime

just trying to get as much out of the day as they could

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