an article in the financial times

there is an article in the financial times
I did not read it

it does not appear to be available online

but I am not that concerned
I have read similar articles before

cycling is the new golf.

cycling is the new golf?

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Chris said...

The gist is that some dude was looking to network among Silicon Valley execs. Someone advised him to get a bike since many people in the Valley ride. He learned how to ride and went on a trip to the TdF with these guys. He sold his company to Hewlett Packard and now works for HP.

He started riding to network, but now he's an avid cyclist. The article doesn't say that cycling is the new golf in Silicon Valley, but that's pretty much the idea.

On the bright side more billionaires riding bikes should mean more money spent in the industry and more money spent on bicycle adovcacy. IMBA should solicit these guys for some dough.

The photo accompaning the article is one of flandis on his time trial bike. Strange.