bancroft elementary

bancroft elementary
where this man went to grade school
where my sons would go to school if we did not send them to a different DC Public school that we feel is better

went for an hour plus on the Jamis Exile 29er after work
a mixture of city streets and city dirt
just trying to get dialed in on this machine
the Jamis Exile is nothing like the Surly Karate Monkey
hard to say which is faster...
have not compared the gearing
more concerned with the positioning
should focus on the gearing
but not even there yet
feels like a good dirt gear... too late in the game before saturday night to be fudging such things

I dwarf the Jamis Exile much how I dwarf a 26 inch wheel bike
on the Surly rigid monkey I sit on top of things
on the Jamis I ride it hanging over the back wheel
not sure if this more aggressive position is faster
it feels much more like BMX bike

will bring both Single Speeds to Lodi Farms

after an hour and ten minutes on the Jamis Exile I was trying to get some comfort on the hill in front of my house when I spotted this man with his old school Canyon Snail with very custom Kelly bridge holding the shimano 105 bar end shifters

we chatted
I took some pictures
I stopped riding the hills

at this point it is not so much about fitness
as said before
no need to cram for the test
just need to make sure my pencils are sharpened and that I have a new eraser

right now trying to find a new eraser

rode the Jamis into work again today
the Thudbuster is on the Jamis Exile off the geared Monkey
things are feeling pretty okay

I am getting stoked for some racing at Lodi Farms

kelly bikes

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