the beginning of the end for Rocky Mountain Blizzard

this is the beginning of the end for the Rocky Mountain Blizzard

the bike is old
the bike has many miles on it
the bike was ridden hard
it is time for that bicycle to be pulled from the rotation

yesterday when prepping the Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed as a bike option to the Jamis Exile Single Speed I had to steal some parts from the Rocky Mountain Blizzard
it hurt... but it had to happen
needed the cartridge brakes
it is unlikley that I will ever put anything more towards the Blizzard
so I very well may tear it down and salvage some pieces...

frame and fork?
well... in my world of the 29 inch wheel these things are now of little use to me
but there is the stem, the cranks, shifters, and of course derailuers
all sorts of good stuff to collect dust in my already cluttered garage

did I mention... the bike does not really fit me
the 26 inch bike may be nothing more than history
may bump my Karate Monkey Single into an urban assault vehicle with fenders and a rack
thinking ebay and craig's list to aid in the process
not just the rocky mountain blizzards
but other long since retired bikes

anyone interested in a frame and fork?
Kona Explosif: 21 inch frame
Kona Huma Huma Nuka Nuka A Pua Ah: 21 inch cruiser frame
Rocky Mountain Blizzard 21.5 inch frame

GeWilli has started counting down the days till Cyclocross Season!

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brettok said...

hey dude, i see u checked out my blog, so I'm returning the favour! some cool fixies...