Euro yes... UCI NO!

DT dressed for the beach in the south of France rolls into the finish at the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms
photos by Butch of WUSS and Bikecentric
WUSS=Washington Underground Singlespeed Society



IF Chicks said...

where does he stick the baton ???

gwadzilla said...

good question?

I am afraid to ask

Frank Brigandi said...

I am apalled! his socks and gloves clash with his ass cheeks.

Steeker said...

come on we know that was you on the bike :-D

gwadzilla said...

okay... DT is not naked in that picture

he is near naked

a few piercings and some very small euro swim suit

it was a very funny end to an awesome event

if you scroll down
you will see DT and myself in the dark
both in different City Bikes jerseys
mine the old school colors
dt with the city bikes woolie