granny gear.... 24 hour racing.... what would mint be without the chocolate chips?

I am not a businessman
economic theory?
come on
so I will start to try and do any math

but what is up with granny gear?
what is happening with the 24 Hour Race Series?
what is happening at the races?
why do races grow or dwindle?

is it 24 hour racing?
it is the venues?
is it the so frequentlly complained about high enterance fees?

what is it?

conyers registration is low
granny gear

canaan morphed into snowshoe
snowshoe grew
registration sold out by march
the atmosphere was a carnival

is there a black cloud over granny gear?
I know that there have been some serious rain clouds
rain was not kind to laird knight at snowshoe or at canaan
but things seem different at big bear
a different west virginia climate
with a very flowy course

the california race had low registration numbers
this georgia event looks even lower
the big bear event will more than likely grow
the moab event will stay solid
but what about iowa and vermont

I know nothing about business
I know less about race promotion

I do know that some of my greatest mountain bike memories have been at granny gear events
my wife just asked me for the date on big bear
I am there
I may be there with the family
that course rocks!

but what about laird knight and granny gear productions?

laird knight is in the mountain bike hall of fame
laird was the visionary that brought us 24 hour mountain bike racing
what is the future of 24 hour mountain biking?
what is the future of laird knight and granny gear?
there was that canaan valley stage race that laird hosted... did that vanish?

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Fritz said...

I'm not into the whole endurance racing thing, but wasn't there some infighting between different organizers? Result of the house divided is people losing interest.