iPod and email...

this morning I pushed play on the iPod as I suited up for work
there was not an abundance of time
but I still like to hear some music as I change into my gear for my short ride into work

I pushed the button on the iPod twice
once to turn on the device
the second time to start the random shuffle

Bells of came on with Mobius
a beautiful song that starts slow
builds with beauty and patience
I listened to the arrangement as I selected my bike for the day
I listened to the vocals and the lyrics as I selected my gear for the ride into work
the basement filled with music as my mind filled with memories

flat tires on both the Surly Karate Monkey and the Jamis Exile had deduction lead me towards the Specialized Tri-Cross with a hectically out of true rear wheel
so I dug around for a trueing key as the song ran its course

finally found the trueing key
shut off the iPod
left out the back alley for work

on the bike
a little slow out the gate
Mondays can be that way
took the most direct route with the camera in the bag
no need to be tempted to slow and stop for a picture

got to work and settled into things
checked some emails
there in my box was an email from Tom
it seems that Tom has assembled a Bells of page

Bells of
Bells of music

I found Mobius as the first song on a Bells of myspace page
the myspace pages may be the best way to get the full songs

Bells of 11:11 is nothing short of classic

a side note...
I had the pleasure of working on the design of that CD cover shown above
worked on it with the assistance of Rob Myers of Fort Knox Five
another talented musician/artist friend of mine

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