floyd landis asked to squeal on armstrong

I am not sure where to find the truth

does the thought that there is honor among theives have any application here

my fear
they are all dirty
like a pack of cars speeding down I-66
they are all speeding
just the car that is overly speeding gets pulled over

another similar story at cbsnews.com


iconoclasst said...

Actually, the phrase is that there's "no honor among thieves", but point taken, all the same.

Landis is either guilty or 1 in 100 billion. Impossible, as science understands it, to naturally test out that high. The fact that he and his PR machine have been able to establish a wee bit of doubt in the cycling community (fans, mostly) as to his guilt is the only unbelievable thing here.

Easy to determine: slap him across the face with some kyrptonite; if he cowers and shrinks and whimpers and faints, then he's innocent of the doping charges.

Steeker said...

I might briefly peek at a little bit of the TV coverage of the Tour but that's all , I have lost intrest in it because of all the cheating , what would be awesome is TV coverage of the 24 hour race in the USA that allows all types of bikes , you know the one that proved that recumbents are the fastest human powered bikes on the planet :-D and TV coverage on the RAANS race across America would be cool too

gwadzilla said...

that may be shooting freethrows underhanded

but remember
underhanded freethrows may work
but that shot does not transfer to any other part of the game

a recumbent is not so good off road

gwadzilla said...

and spearmint.....
you are always good for checking copy
mixing up my metaphors
life is confusion being me

Craig said...

Why can't one of these guys just have the kahoonas to come out and say, "Yep, I cheated. I'm sorry and I shouldn't have." and then they walk away from the sport.

Basso kind of did it . . . I have more respect for him, but he's still a doper.

I'd pass any drug test given to me . . . . now, if they were testing for bacon, that's another story. Mmmmmmmm. . . . bacon.