a little more lodi...

12 hours of lodi farms

over the last few days I have been scanning the web for accounts of different racers at lodi farms
visited a few sites looking for photos

some fantastic shots by gary (gary's blog)
a few worth visiting shots by butch (especially the ones of DT)

spearmint has an essay on the subject of lodi farms

and of course the rolling motel six has some stories to tell
chunky monkey
and who knows else made the pilgramage from the east
the set up a temporary city
then at midnight they attacked like vikings

there were some fast laps coming out of that camp
(note the 23 minute gap where I gave someone on another team my team's wristband... pretty early in the race to be choking)
((the rotation was not sacred... we juggled riders all over the place... redlack twice... me... jonathan... me... and who knows from there... except I bumped in again for the last lap to give me a chance to break 50 minutes... and I did)


gwadzilla said...

my Jamis SS has a flat

that happens too often

the tire holds out
the tire hold out
the race is over
and that faithful tire releases all of its air

if that tire had not held out
there would have been no sub 50 lap

Fatmarc and crew may not have had a lap slower than 50 minutes

gwadzilla said...

rode the rigid monkey
got home
grilled out back with the family
alley party

came back

flat on the front of the Karate Monkey