piece by piece instead of all at once....

greenbrier has passed
lodi is just ahead

this is not to say that I am done dwelling on greenbrier
still need to fashion a race report
one for the team blog at least

still holding out for some images to aid in the story development in my head

in an effort to get ready for lodi I started out yesterday afternoon
sent an email to chris redlack begging and pleading with him to let me race with him and his old rugby buddy john
sure enough... chris and john were good enough to move from a two man duo to a three man single speed
should be a blast
chris and I have had a good time at these events before
last year we raced duo and camped with John

with the word of acceptance this morning I figured that it be best that I devote some of the evening to the weekend ahead
right on time a package arrived in the mail
night rider sent back my digital evolution after a warranty repair
there was some labor
which is cool... thirty bucks to get this light back to life is well worth it

will be racing with the NiteRider HID light that I have
but will be good to have the Digital Evolution and the MiNewt as back up for myself or one of my team mates

wonder if Chris will be racing with some DIY lights?

starting to get stoked
there are two light sets on the charger
there are new bars on the new Jamis Exile 29er
went with some Salsa riser bars rather than the stock bars
was going to snag the longer stem off my old and tired Rocky Mountain Blizzard with 26 inch wheels
but figured I would go with Cargo Mike's recommendation to change as little as posibble
going backwards with the seat
as well as considering a layback seatpost
I think I may try one of my thudbusters from my Karate Monkeys
if they do not slip they will stay

looks like some good weather for Lodi this weekend
I raced it with Eric Welp and Rob Leary a few years back....
it was funny to see camps get packed up and evacuate in the night

I put a REBA on my Jamis Exile
one of the reasons for the new bike was to get away from the Monkey with the rigid fork
looking to try something else out
right now it is hard for me to get a feel for anything else
as I have put so many miles on the Karate Monkey single... had that position pretty dialed in

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