same shit... different day

same old same old
same shit different day
business as usual

for the most part these measures do not work with my life
as each day is not entirely like the day prior
guess this is true for most people
while being less true for others

having two young boys growing and changing means that each day offers new adventures as well as a new set of obstacles

as I pass people in the halls of work
people give their textbook hello
the standard hey there... how ya doing?
these things are usually responded with an empty text book response
which is fine
as I have come to understand... when someone asks, how are the kids?
they usually want no more than good or bad
they usually get the one word answer of excellent
or a somewhat longer textbook response of happy, healthy, and whole

being a cyclist also makes each day a little different than the day before
so much of my commute is dicated by the weather
longer days
warmer days
the desire and the need for longer rides in preparation for rides and races in the weeks to come

so yes...
it is the same shit different day
the usual...
a ride after work
a walk with the dog in the woods
sometimes that walk with the dog in the woods is with or without kids
sometimes that ride after work is longer or harder
work can be routine
but life with kids... routine can be difficult
and routine for the slacker cyclist
well... that routine changes through the season
building... building... building
then maintaining
then slipping
then dropping off

the boys hiked with me and the dog yesterday
actually the boys climbed trees and walked on old fallen trees while I did some rogue trail maintanance
working on some terraced stairs across the street from my house
nothing pretty
just something more functional than things were before
it was good to get the boys out of the house
they were having fun in the woods
the dog did not get much exercise... but he got to roll around in the ivy while the humans did their human thing


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