since I lost my things to do list...

it is not that I need more time
it is that I need more deadlines
-duke ellington

okay... I could not find verification of that quote with a quick GOOGLE
but... it sounds good enough
good enough to start this tangent

this evening after work I came home to watch the boys while lisa went to a PTA type of meeting
upon arriving home I saw a note from the workers of Metro Gutter

mr. gwadz-
we were unable to start the work today.
your faucet in the back needs to be turned on to start the power washing.
please move and store all furniture on the deck where it will not be effected by the staining
-mr metro gutter

I am not sure of the actual person who I am quoting
just like the first quote
it is more of a paraphrase than a quote

so... home from work after walking the dog I free the babysitter
lisa is out back with the kids
the kids are playing with an assortment of kids from the block
lisa heads off to a PTA-esque meeting
while I try to put away the toys on the deck

some neighbors with two boys offer to take dean to their place to continue the playing and to have dinner
I ask it they can take grant as well
there is no explaining
just trying to pan them off as a pair
the ablige

I attacked the garage
not a spring cleaning
just clearing some space
numerous sleds got stacked
all sorts of bikes got hung
wheels got piled
old tires and tube were put in the alley

thoughts of industrial art projects filled my head as I carried the tube and the tires to the alley
images of hamocks and chairs were trumped by images of giant sling shots and giant nets to slow traffic
like pulling off a band aid or jumping out of a plane
I had to just do it...
the thoughts were put out of my head
the tubes and tires were put in the alley

shifters and grips were found for chris soda
hope they are not seven speed... doubt that they will be more than eight
granny gear aprons from canaan and donner pass were thrown in the wash
unused panniers were stacked on a shelf next to mountain bike pumps where gathered like fallen pencils
all the stuff brought back memories of bicycles past

all sorts of stuff made it to the alley
working stuff... stuff I will never need
thule stuff that would not work on the element or the passat
a ceiling fan of a style that does not appeal to me
christmas lights that will be replaced by an LED purchase this winter

there were as many art projects unfinished as there were unfinished bikes
all sorts of found art scuptures
most made of bicycle parts
most of it crap
these things did not go in the alley
these things did not go on a pedestal
as the pedestal went in the alley

time was passing and I was still in the garage
the deck was no closer to being cleared
I went to check the messages to see if the neighbors had called for me to pick up the boys
no message... I brought the phone onto the deck
with some crap in the alley and some crap bunched together in the garage I started to carry the furniture into the garage

piece by piece the deck became more and more clear
the boys returned and played as I moved everything
piece by piece
some pieces better moved by two people were moved by me alone

finally after putting some planters without plants into my neighbors yard I had a barren deck
the boys ran wild
trying to snatch up the last night of play before a week without the deck
their play was productive enough so I did not argue

as it got later the playing got less productive so I corraled the boys upstairs to the bath
the boys played in the tub while I blogged

right now the alley is filled with fireplace tools and ceiling fans
a few tricycles were left out with a 20 dollar kids tent/tunnel
the christmas lights are stacked on a babyseat
trashman comes tomorrow
hopefully the gleaning vulchers make a loop past my piles and think that they struck gold

okay... gleaning is not quite right in that context

it felt good to get rid of that crap
I have more crap that I am going to get rid of
it is going to be like an obese person losing weight
the first mass should be easy
then it will get down to a part where it more difficult
there will be the point where I feel I have made great progress
while in others eyes
I am still surrounded by junk

and yes
I remembered to turn the faucet on in the back

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

the trashman came this morning

99% of the stuff laid out on the trash cans is gone

not sure if there was enough time for passerbys to shop through my trash and treasures

it is hard to toss things away
working tricycles
working ceiling fans
all sorts of working christmas lights

this stuff was well overdue to move out of my space

been tripping over tricycles that seldomly get ridden

the ceiling fan was taking up space and most certainly would never get installed
(although I would have loved to have installed that fan in my garage... but the garage is a project for another day)

glad to see that stuff go

good to clear a path

got a better idea of what sort of junk I have in my garage

lots of wheels and bikes that will never go back into my riding rotation