so many pictures from lodi

so many pictures from lodi

there are so many pictures from lodi
none of my pictures are good
but I want to document what I got

mikek aka citybikesmike rode a lap with a helmet cam
it is total mountain bike blair witch

pretty much unwatchable

I snapped a mess of shots
but that was not my focus
I was there to ride my bike and hang out

these are some shots of me hanging out
gary and butch took some great pictures of people riding
I will download those next unless I get wise enough to listen to my body and go to sleep

there are some pictures of rickyd
rickyd who recently defected from city bikes over to the SSOFT
a team more about advocacy and riding than racing... and those folks can ride!

some shots of the st. mary's seahawks

then joe and the crew at the bike lane tent

although there are pictures of phil rice
I did not capture a picture of phil in action
I did not get a shot of phil rolling in on a 51 minute lap with his son Coby
(what a father son experience!)
I did not get a shot of phil passing me a plate of bacon before my morning lap
a lap I rode with a cheek full of bacon
(like a cheek full of chaw or chew)

there were lots of things I did not take pictures of
lets see if I have the energy to snag the Gary and Butch photos of me
then scan the blogs to see who has posted their reports or revised reports

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