stopping on the bridge to fix your seat may not be the best idea

the bridge may not be the best place to stop if you need to fix your saddle
which of course leads me to the notion that stopping on the bridge to take a picture may not be such a good idea

why not set up a tripod!?!?!

come on Ansel... out of my way!?!?!??!

you must be blind to not see me coming... which has me wondering how you are going to frame that picture?

these are the types of things I think I when I see a jerk on the bridge engrossed in taking pictures
blind to the world around them

this gentleman was very polite in allowing me to snap his picture
he was not interested in my old saddle
he was confident that he would be able to repair his

the bike paths are multi-use paths
often congested with a number of conflicting agendas
lots of headphones
lots of thoughtless actions
very little focus
very little concern for "what if?"

I was that jerk off with the camera
leaping about like a crazed frog
staying out from underfoot
trying not to get run over by passing bicycles

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