total psych out...

what was dt trying to do?
there I was waiting for the passing of the baton at lodi when dt takes a look at my new jamis exile 29er single speed that I outfitted with a reba fork
there I was waiting to race a bike in the dark on the mud
a bike I had only ridden off road once before
this is when dt told me that my tires looked sketchy?
my tire is sketchy?
is this a bad tire in mud?

as a man who can be crippled by demons
sketchy is a word as dangers as cramps

it was a potential psych out
psych out was not dt's intention
I brushed it off and I rode that course

those tires were not sketchy
those tires rocked
I went to the maxxis site... but I am not sure I know the tred well enough to tell which tire I have on my 29er

later I am going to post some pictures of dt
dt came across the finishline at the end of the race on his IF with a 29 in the front and a 26er in the rear
well... let me just say that his "KIT" was not UCI Approved



JonW said...

I believe you had Maxxis Ignitors front and rear. I remember taking note of them. I _really_ like those tires, they've been really good to me on the 29er.

gwadzilla said...

those tires worked well for me
it was a potential psych out... but I had to put it out of my head
already had enough question about the unfamiliar Jamis Exile and its first race


Darren said...

I used the ignighter all last year on the 29er, They fixed the sidewalls, but it is alittle heavier now. I bought another pair for this year. Sometimes they are overkill, but they can do all that Rocky ridge line stuff without pinch flatting.