two bikes added to the family fleet

two bikes added to the family fleet

lisa got the women's specific specialized rockhopper comp
dean got the redline raid with coaster brake
tomorrow lisa and grant are going to get some purple spray paint
then grant will get a purple hand-me-down from his brother

dean moved up to the 20 inch wheel bike
grant is moving up to the 16 inch wheel bike
I put the training wheels on dean's old bike after the boys went to bed

everyone is excited
even me... and I did not get a new bike


Mrs. Outlaw said...

Very cool! I think Grant is going to start the newest color trend in bikes - purple will be the new pink. ;)

gwadzilla said...

yes mrs outlaw

my son grant is forward thinking

today I mixed green tea and lemonade
now... that is forward thinking
refreshing summer drink
with a caffeine kick

get mr outlaw on packaging
you can handle distribution
I will count the money

the new jerseys look great!
very unique
very single speed outlaw

-jg out

gwadzilla said...

the bike looks pretty sweet
painted the fenders black
the frame purple
only got a litte of the chain
was only thin in a few spots

had the bike reassembled in time for a morning ride to the farmer's market down the road

decorated the bike with some free Kryptonite sickers I got at Bike to Work Day
some of the stickers are reflective
and well
kryptonite is a cool word in a world where superman is real