waba's bike in movie...

last night WABA hosted a Bike-In-Movie in Adams Morgan

dean had a sleep over at a friend's house
so lisa and I took grant to the Diner for dinner in Adams Morgan
foolishly we thought one child would be more manageable than two

we were on foot but we planned on rolling through the Bike In Movie just the same
as we strolled down Columbia Road we watched what appeared to be an unusual high number of cyclists passing down the block long bike path

after dinner at the Diner we stopped in at SMASH
I bought a new belt then we left for the movie

seconds out of SMASH RECORDS the sky opened up and the rain came down
we tried to run out from under the black cloud
we ran away from the movie and straight from home
it rained steady for 15 minutes then stopped

more shrewd people saught shelter in the corner bodegas and liquor stores

we were soaked
cold and wet
more than likely the people at the bike-in-movie were cold and wet as well
the people in the bodegas and liquor stores were dry

grant was wild
it was not the relaxing dinner experience that we had wished for
I ended up buying the guy a few tables away his drink
as grant spent more time at his table than ours

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