Washington Times article on BIKE TO WORK DAY!

Washington Times Article on BIKE TO WORK DAY

yes... Iconoclast will correct the dates on that poster
but those who care already know the dates
steve and his seven cent vocabulary words!
that cat sends me running to the dictionary on every other sentence


iconoclasst said...

Pure pedantry, my friend, a simple symptom of intellectual insecurity.

Oh hell, here ya go:

–noun, plural -ries.
1. the character, qualities, practices, etc., of a pedant, esp. undue display of learning.


gwadzilla said...

your response is pedestrian

or better yet in the words of the immortal philosopher Russel

"you are like summer vacation... no class!"

you may be too young for fat albert and the gang

strong maybe on Granogue

iconoclasst said...

Russell...I gotta believe that's not Bertrand Russell, right, he of Why I Am Not A Christian fame?

Granogue...weather looks bad up till Sunday, when it's supposed to be sunny and 70ish. Hmm...