I feel good...

I feel good...

today is a good day
my emotions are dictated by the events of the morning
and I feel good

got up this morning and walked about the house like a zombie as I sipped my coffee
assisted lisa with getting the boys dressed, fed, and out the door
it is tough to make these things happen
sometimes dressing the boys is like bathing a cat
while getting them out the door can be like corraling cats
honestly... I am not a cat person

the boys were dressed, fed, and out the door
lisa handled drop off on her way into work
while I took the dog for a loop in the woods
it is an imperfect system in an far from perfect world

my body was sore from last night's ride
took the mountain bike out for some hammering around town
some hills and some dirt... more more and then more time in traffic
trying to make sure that my fitness and technical confidence are race ready for the 24 Hours of Big Bear
woke up sore... did not feel much like riding this morning
walked the dog for an extended loop in the woods of Rock Creek as I drank my coffee
then got on the bike for a quick 50 minutes on the bike before walking into work

the walk was just what my body and soul needed
things loosened up
the oxygen to the brain along with the caffeine brought me to the world of the living
I got back on the bike just as I should
hammered a quick 50 minutes.... no time for a quick 50 miles
broke a solid sweat in the DC heat and humidity
then took a hot high pressure shower at work
suited up refreshed and excited about being at work
well... as excited as one gets about being at work

it has been a good week....
a four day week
there should be more three day weekends
although work keeps us honest

looking forward to the weekend

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iconoclasst said...

Ah, Big Bear. Alas, my plans to put together a team (affectionately called "SSOFT Leftovers", since an A-list team was already formed) are rapidly and effortlessly falling to pieces. Down to 2 takers, and a rigid 3-man SS is out of the question. Guess I'll make other plans.