new jerseys... getting ready for big bear

the new DCMTB jerseys are in
they look sweeeet!
the arm warmers look extra sweet
no... not fuchsia
not even pink
as we know pink is passe'
just poor color from the camera phone with florescent lighting
was thinking the other day about how I teased DCMTB Team Captain Joe Foley about his stack of race numbers in his basement workshop
at that time I asked in my usual judgemental way.... "you save all your race numbers?"
to which joe responded in his usual humble way... "no, I just have not thrown them out yet"
well... joe... I am sorry...
I have come to learn that I have not thrown most of my race numbers away either
when getting ready for Big Bear this week I noticed that not only does my bike still have the race number on the handlebars from the Escape from Granogue event a few weeks past, but there is a camelback in the garage that still has the race numbers from the 24 Hours of Donner Pass pinned to it
the new jerseys are sweet!
the new arm warmers are super sweet!
that image was stolen from joe foley's flickr page

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cyclingdave said...

that's hilarious. i save nothing [well very little] but i do save race numbers. i never thought that perhaps i had not thrown them out yet.